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Aztec Systems (a TAS Company) is a regional expert in IT solutions for the market across the United States and Latin America. With 800+ customers, Aztec leverages its expertise in systems, process and technology to deliver best in class solutions designed to optimize and protect your business.

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Aztec Systems – Your one stop shop for premium IT solutions


IT solutions for the middle market are anything but simple and are rapidly changing in terms of capabilities, requirements and price. Step out of the confusion and into clarity powered by Aztec's OASys.

OASys, powered by Aztec Systems, is a complete IT Ecosystem that puts an official end to your IT issues, concerns, and questions and brings your organization onto a completely adept and holistic platform.

Aztec has spent 20+ years refining our proprietary ITaaS solutions and is proud to serve middle market clients across the Southwest United States with specific expertise in Cloud Services, IT Security, Disaster Recovery, and Managed IT Services.


Cloud Services

The Cloud computing maze unraveled with OASys™ Cloud.

OASys Cloud is a customized solution to fit your business’ IT needs and budget. Avoid large capital outlays for new infrastructure and software licensing – saving you money and letting you focus on your business. Let Aztec design, architect, deploy, and manage your mission critical infrastructure backbone.

With OASys Cloud, using, upgrading and maintaining your IT environment has never been simpler. Built on the platform of a cutting edge SSAE 16 certified Data Center and cloud technologies OASys Cloud provides a highly secure location for the hosting of your technology, software and applications. Inherent in an OASys-delivered computing experience are mobility, security, scalability, and 24x7 support.

Key Features:

24x7 Administrative and Support

Predictable and Competitive Costs

Best in Class Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Built in Disaster Recovery

Full Application Mobility

IT Security

Protected by OASys™ Strong.

The best defense is a strong offense. Modernize your business’s IT security solution with Aztec’s OASys Strong.

Security risk is not unique to the Tier 1 market – but affordable solutions typically are. As a Gold MSSP Partner with Fortinet, Aztec is proud to provide technology enabled security solutions to middle market customers across the United States and Latin America.

Network Security is the foundation of any security strategy but this also needs complimenting by Endpoint, Application, Access and Security Management. Aztec’s OASys Strong comprehensive solution proactively protects middle market customers leveraging best in class Fortinet technology.

Fortinet has pioneered the concept of Unified Threat Management (UTM) – consolidating multiple Network Security functions into a single device. This includes but is not limited to Firewall, VPN, NGFW (IPS, Application Control), Web Filtering, , Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - Anti-Malware, WAN Acceleration – All under a single Policy manager.

Leveraging a strategic partnership with Fortinet, Aztec’s IT security includes:

End User Security

Network security

Compute security (via an SSL VPN)

Antivirus, spam, and firewall management

Security audits/assessments

Unmatched price and performance

Single pane of glass management



Disaster Recovery

Life Happens. Peace of mind powered by OASys™ Protect.

OASys Protect, partnered with Dell AppAssure provides SAFETY – SECURITY – SERVICE – STRENGTH to middle market customers across the United States. Don’t become an “Aztec Case Study” – get ahead of the risks with OASys Protect solutions including Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and Storage.

Aztec has served middle market customers in Tornado Alley and across the United States for over 20+ years. Through our data center footprint and strategic partnership with Dell, we deliver best in class data storage, backup and disaster recovery either in an on premise or hosted environment.

Cloud Disaster Recovery is the holy grail of IT as a Service (ITaaS). Aztec’s OASys Protect services are available 24x7x365 to help manage planning, testing and recovery of your mission critical data and applications. OASys Protect™ is designed to accommodate the complexity and budget of organizations of all sizes and enables you to shield and restore mission critical applications and information with little to no business interruption.

Key Features of OASys Protect™:

Tier 1 premier partnership with Dell – AppAssure

Managed, rapid recovery of critical data and systems

Secure, remote access to recovered systems over the Internet (via an SSL VPN)

Ironclad service level agreements to minimize business interruption

Push-button failover to standby virtual machines

Easy bare-metal restore to similar and dissimilar hardware

Hourly back ups and 24x7 help desk support

Managed IT Services

The White Glove Approach To Premium IT Managed Services.

We are your dedicated IT team – your pain, your wants, your needs are OUR top priority. Eliminate your headaches from the fragmented and inconsistent IT services market - Consolidate and eliminate your pain points with Aztec’s OASys Managed IT.

Aztec Systems' OASys™ Managed Service offers remote and on-site support services that help you optimize and scale your IT environment including – End User, Network, Compute, Security.

Through the application of our core principals of 24x7 remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring we are able to effectively and efficiently be a catalyst for optimizing your business. Aztec’s proactive approach to Managed Services constantly refines your core infrastructure to minimize the need for capital expenditures.

Whether you want to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures, our OASys Managed Service solutions deliver centralized control, efficiency, and reliability.



AZTEC SUPPORT NINJAS ARE BLACK BELTS IN MSFT, VMWare, Cisco, Brocade, EMC, Forinet, Dell and saving puppies from burning buildings!


972-484-3060 Ext. 2

It's the little things

It’s the little things – Aztec prides itself on customer service and customer support. With a dedicated support team in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica, Aztec’s #1 priority is making sure our customers are happy.

ERP Solutions/Dynamics Practice has been acquired by SBS Group

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Management Team

Marcelo França

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining TAS, Marcelo França was CEO of Toutatis and is a founding partner of Performa Partners, a management consulting firm based in São Paulo, Brazil. Mr. França is a shareholder and board member of Grupo ETB, a network of trade schools within the Abril Educação conglomerate. He serves on the Education NGO "Projeto Fênix" Advisory Board and is an active member of World Presidents' Organization.

Mr. França served as President of Tele Tech of Latin America and Spain. He is also a former President of Domino's Pizza Brazil, a joint venture between Grupo Alsea of Mexico and Domino's Pizza International of the United States. Prior to Domino's Pizza Brazil, Mr. França was Managing Partner of FCB Foodservice Distribution. Before FCB, Mr. França was Blockbuster's Vice President of Development and Expansion in Brazil and Managing Partner of Gescon Quarters, a construction and real estate development firm.

Mr. França received a degree in Civil Engineering from Escola Politécnica USP (University of São Paulo, Brazil), where he specialized in Production Engineering. Mr. França received an International Executive MBA from USP in Brazil and Vanderbilt University in the US. Mr. França received a graduate degree in Political Science from ADESG in Brazil.

Marcio Bonagura

Chief Operating Officer

Marcio Bonagura is the Chief Operating Officer of TAS. He is in charge of service offering delivery and support of TAS clients.

Prior to joining TAS, Mr. Bonagura was Chief Operating Officer of Toutatis and is the founder and former CEO of Bonagura Data Processing, a company that specialized in handling BPO HRO and FAO. Bonagura DP contributed its methodology, BPM Software and contracts to Toutatis.

Prior to Toutatis, Mr. Bonagura began his career at one of The Big Four Accounting Firms providing international professional services in accountancy such as Audit, Assurance, Tax, Consulting, Advisory, Actuarial, Corporate Finance and Legal. He served as Board Member for several companies including Biomedical Mercosur Group Luft, DryWash, Sudamericana Brazil.


ERP Solutions/Dynamics Practice has been acquired by SBS Group
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Integrated Business and Accounting Software, best known as ERP, stands for enterprise resource planning. It acts as the business management software that, according to its capacity and robustness, allows companies to manage their entire business organization as a sum of its parts. ERP solutions collect data to provide you with insights into where you can gain efficiencies, cut costs, and/or make additional investments.
Most companies do. Maintaining your ERP system can often be difficult, frustrating and a large drain of resources - if not partnered appropriately. Without a proper understanding of your business and pain points, an ERP acts merely as a conduit for information.


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ERP Solutions/Dynamics Practice has been acquired by SBS Group
Access SBS Group webpage for more information